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Shunt Reactor

Shunt reactor is the indispensible equipment for long distance power transmission network, usually it is used to compensate the charging current on the line, weaken the effect of capacitance, limit the system power frequency voltage rising and eliminate the self-excitation phenomenon caused by synchronous generator with no load long line.

With the rapid development of China’s economy, the demand for electricity if increasing gradually, and there are more and more long distance & high capacity power transmission, while the customers’ requirement for the quality of power supply is higher and higher, so the demand for the 500KV reactors in power system is getting more and more.

After fully analyzing the strength and weakness of domestic and foreign reactor products and referring the transformer design and manufacturing technology introduced from Siemens and Mitsubishi, our company independently developed the 500kV core type shunt reactor. The technical performance indicators have reached or exceeded similar domestic products, while it has lots of advantages like lower weight, lower loss, lower vibration, lower noise and better excitability comparing with similar products, which make it with stronger competitiveness in the market and it’s another new income growth point for the company.