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Startup/standby, auxiliary transformer

Split transformer is a specialty product of BTW, and It could widely match with generators of different capacity. Normally, the 220kV and 500kV startup/ standby transformer with OLTC adopt axial direction split, and the auxiliary transformer adopt radial direction split. Due to the requirements of the operational conditions, the transformer shall have strong anti-short circuit capability.

In terms of design, it adds round wood spacer between iron cores, adds supplementary spacer in windings and line hard paper cylinder so as to guarantee the stiffness. In the process of manufacturing, effectively control the mutual deviation of the high and low voltage windings, press tightly in axial direction and fix the leading wire head solidly. Besides, it is kept safety and reliable through densifying spacer blocks and increasing wire hardness. Our products of 40MVA/20kV 3-Ph split transformer and 63MVA/20kV 3-Ph split transformer with OLTC have passed the short circuit test under GB1094、5 (IEC60.5) in the year of 1995 and 2002 separately.