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GSU transformer introduction

Our company can independently design and manufacture main transformer matching with thermal, hydro and nuclear power generators.

(1)The main transformers match with 300MW, 500MW, 600MW and 1000MW generators.

Through continuous improvement, the generator transformer produced by our company has achieved a great development. The performance indicators have reached international level and comply with GB and IEC standards. The company has design and manufacture capacity of single phase transformer (three-phase group) and three-phase transformer, which match with 300MW, 500MW and 600MW power generator set. Besides, the company also has design and manufacturing capacity of main transformers matching with 1000MW or above generators.

(2)The main features

 1. Reasonable structure: quantitative analyze the electric, magnetic, heat and force through scientific research achievement and computer software, so as to determine the winding form, insulation structure, oil tank shielding, leading wire arrangement and make excellent product structure.

 2. Advanced performance: the loss has reached the international advanced level, the impedance voltage can meet different customer needs and the partial discharge value is lower than the national standard.

 3. Stable performance: calculate and analyze the oil flow field and temperature field of the cooling system, so as to determine the reasonable structure of oil circuit and effective control of temperature rise.

 4. Safety and reliability: optimize and calculate the winding wave process and reasonably adjust the capacitance parameter of each area, so as to achieve the best matching.

 5. Selection of components: select domestic or imported high-quality products according to customer preference, so as to achieve customer satisfaction.