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Power Transmission and Transformation Transformer

Commitment and investment in Research & Development, working closely in conjunction with China’s largest power engineering Universities and our experience as an award winning Manufacturer since 1958, BTW has designed and manufactured 220kV-1000MVA class Transmission and Phase Shifting transformers; constructed with exacting standards and experience to deliver years of safe, reliable performance.

In tracking and recording our 750kV class installed transformers’ operating performance; BTW has realized a zero (0)% failure rate to date. Furthermore, BTW has been recognized with the “National Major Technical Equipment Excellence Achievement” by the major equipment office of the State Council.

Main Technical Features:

1. Optimized insulation margins: Optimized computer analysis of field strength per winding disk; ideal achievement of the distribution of electric potential and impact gradient.

2. Low stray loss, high efficiency, partial overheating free: Measures taken on winding and iron core shielding according to magnetic calculation.

3. Reasonable oil flow direction: strictly control the oil flow rate, avoid high field strength area.

4. Low PD: Efficient quality control monitor and inspections undertaken to guarantee all process. Special arrangement of background PD control.

5. In-house metal structure production: Folded plate process implemented  to minimize welding, qualified welders and NDT test engineers.

6. Strong short circuit withstand capability: Optimization software adopted to reduce short circuit stress, mature structure designs and assembly process.