Science and Technology Innovation


Technology Cooperation

In recent years, by utilizing the location advantage closing to Beijing and Tianjin, Tianwei Group has built an industry supporting technology development system, established long-term and stable cooperation relationship with research institutes like Qinghua University, North China Electric Power University, Hebei University of Technology and Chinese Academy of Science etc. In parallel with independent research and development, Tianwei Group fully use the advantages of the universities and carry out technology R&D together with the universities according to the characteristics of each subject, undertaking the research tasks of electric, magnetic, thermal and force etc related with the ultra high voltage and large capacity power transformer. The industry-study-research innovation research achievements have became the new power of enterprise development, and it has completed more than 10 industry-study-research cooperation projects in recent 3 years. The research and development projects trained a large number of high-level technical personnel, and the research achievements have became the new driving force for the enterprise innovation and development, which improved the technical innovation capability of the enterprise as well.