Science and Technology Innovation


Technology Center

Tianwei Group has a state-level enterprise technology center, which consists of 5 professional research institutes, 2 immediate provincial technology centers, 3 national transformer testing centers, 2 provincial engineering centers, 3 industry-study-research cooperation Institutes, 2 enterprise academician workstations and 1 post-doctoral research station, which forms an enterprise’s research, development and test base with extensive and complete infrastructure and covers power transmission and new energy two industries. Tianwei Group has built a technical innovation system with close connection between the group level research agencies and the technical departments of each subsidiary company, and it truly becomes a technical innovation support and service platform facing all the enterprises under the group.

At the nationwide annual evaluation of 887 enterprise technology centers in 2013, Tianwei Group technology center, together with other 45 enterprise technology centers like Haier group, gets more than 90 comprehensive evaluation scores, ranks No. 8 nationwide and No. 1 within industry. This excellent result highlights the strong technology innovation strength of Baoding Tianwei Group technology center, and reveals the leading position of Tianwei Group within the industry.