Research & Development Ability

Since always, Tianwei Group has adhered to take the technical innovation as the core support for enterprise development, and Tianwei Group has undertaken a number of national power transmission key projects, including the first domestic 500 kV power transformer for nuclear power plant, the first and largest domestic power transformer for Three Gorges Hydropower Station, the first power transformer matching with the supercritical megawatt generator, the first domestic 750kV UHV power transformer for northwest grid in China, 1000kV power transformer for the landmark 1000kV demonstration line in China which is the highest voltage in commercial operation worldwide, and ±800kV UHVDC converter transformer for Yun-Guang line which is the first UHVDC demonstration transmission line worldwide etc. The series of “First” expresses the continuous development and improvement of Chinese power transformer manufacturing level, and proved Chinese core technology in power transmission & transformation and the ability to build world leading power grid to the world.


Science and Technology Innovation