Company Culture


Company Philosophy

The Value of BTW is serving the nation with industries and building a world brand.

The Vision of BTW is creating the world famous enterprise and thriving for a century.

The Philosophy of BTW is develop the employees as our first priority and then to the enterprise.

The spirit of BTW is self-confidence, self-improvement, and pursuit of excellence.

The mission statement of BTW is that staff is the root of BTW, culture is the soul of BTW, brand is the face of BTW and market is the life of BTW.

The social responsibility of BTW is standing for the national interest, increasing the welfare of the community, fulfilling the value of life, reaching a consensus, being harmonious and struggling together.

The concept of appointing excellent employees is by hiring them from going through various selection criteria and when they are employed, they will contribute largely to company.

The view of quality is cultivating employees’ good characters so that they can produce the best products.

The view of service is offering service sincerely to meet customers’ satisfaction.

The view of credit is that integrity is more important than money.

The working style of BTW is earnest, diligent, practical, and efficient.