Human Resources


Talent Strategy

Tianwei Group unswervingly adheres to Tianwei philosophy “Cultivate talents first and develop enterprise followed”, make ” BTW is that staff is the root of BTW, culture is the soul of BTW, brand is the face of BTW and market is the life of BTW” as the mission statement, placing training and cultivating talents team to be the priority, executing the all-around talents strategy which makes “talents with excellent morals and professional skills where excellent morals is to be priority” as principle not only to cultivate senior management talents that are capable of running economy, dealing with the complicated situation and understanding management and good operation but also to train senior professional talents with international leading level that are with technical background, good at studying, capable of cultivation. As long as cultivating and training the multilevel and multi-type creative talents team, Tianwei Group could keep long-term development and prosperity.

Market competitions are in fact the competitions of talented people. Talents are the most valuable possessions and most important resource for Tianwei. To achieve the grand goal of “serving the nation with industries and building a world brand” and “creating the world famous enterprise and thriving for a century”, Tianwei group has to place the talents strategy to the top priority for enterprise development strategy; to build and perfect an environment and mechanism to let excellent talents to stand out from the rest and fully show their talents; to brightly put up a flag of respecting and treasuring talents, being thirsty for talents and cultivating talents; to create good atmosphere that every talent could show his skills and everybody could fully display his talents and to shape the excellent image of enterprise that Tianwei treasures talents to attract persons with ability.